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Stepboards for aerobics and fitness exercises at home and at gym

Stepboards are small all-rounders for fitness training. They can be used as varied addition for exercising with large fitness equipment or for simple aerobic-step exercises. Exercise your gluteus muscle or thigh muscles by alternating up and down moves on a step board and warm up your circulation!

Stepboards offer much more than stepping up and down

This stepping up and down is not all you can exercise with an aerobics stepper. Training effects range from an improvement of stamina to special strengthening of muscles and a better flexibility. Stepboards can be used for plyometric training - use it for jump exercises. You can use it as accessory for pushups and strengthen your chest muscles or use it for stretching. The stepboard is an ideal addition to treadmills, multi-gyms or other large equipment. The stepboard alone also offers a huge diversity of exercises.

What you should mind purchasing a stepboard

As stepboards are simple fitness equipment, there are only few criterias to mind purchasing one:
  • The maximum user weight is very important: Even if you are lightweight, a higher maximum weight is worthwhile, because it speaks for a higher durability and enables jump exercises.
  • Anyway, it is worthwhile to purchase a stepboard, which is multiple adjustable. Different difficulty degrees can be adjusted and different exercises can be done.
  • Stepboards with a bigger training surface offer more comfort.
  • Please mind that your new stepboard has a nonslip surface, because you quickly start sweating while exercising with a stepboard.
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