Suunto AMBIT 3 PEAK (Showroom piece)

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  • 25 € are donated to the Red Cross for the development aid in Nepal for every sold Suunto AMBIT 3 PEAK Nepal Edition.
  • Suunto Ambit 3 - outdoor GPS watch for ambitious athletes and adventurers
  • 25 € are donated to the Red Cross to support the humanitarian and development work in Nepal for every sold Suunto Ambit3 Peak Nepal Edition.
  • With enhanced outdoor and multisport functions
  • Allows to record the heart rate when swimming (optional, via Suunto Smart Sensor chest strap)
  • Integrated activity tracker for monitoring daily activity
  • Intelligent, mobile smart phone connection possible (via the Suunto Movescount app)
  • Battery lasts up to 50 hours with GPS switched on
  • Suunto AMBIT 3 PEAK - Product specifications:
    • Weight: 89g (Black), 92g (Sapphire)
    • Materials: strengthened polyamide casing, stainless steel lunette, mineral crystal glass (Black), Sapphire crystal glass (Sapphire), Elastomer wristband (Black), silicone wristband (Sapphire)
    • Waterproof: 100 m / 328 ft / 10 bar
    • Display dimensions: (H) ø 50 x (W) ø 50 x (D) 18mm
  • Suunto AMBIT 3 PEAK - general functions and technical specifications:
    • NEW: Bluetooth Smart compatible
    • LED backlight for use at night
    • Dot-Matrix display
    • Logbook
    • Menu oriented user interface
    • Mineral glas
    • Operating temperature: -20°C - +60°C/-5°F - +140°F
    • Adjustable mearing units: metric/feet
    • Storage temperature: -30°C - +60°C/-22°F - +140°F
    • Waterproofness: 100 m / 328 ft
    • Wristband can be changed by the user
    • PODS compatible
    • Customisable display
    • English as standard language (DE, ES, FI, FR, IT, NL, PT, SV downloadable on
    • More than 1000 Suunto apps available
    • Changes the type of sport during the recording of the workout
  • Suunto AMBIT 3 PEAK - chronograph functions:
    • Laps (manual and automatic)
    • Stop watch
    • Countdown timer
  • Suunto AMBIT 3 PEAK - GPS functions:
    • Raster: UK (BNG), Finland (ETRS-TM35FIN), Finland (KKJ), Ireland (IG), Sweden (RT90), Switzerland (CH1903), UTM NAD27 Alaska, UTM NAD27 Conus, UTM NAD83
    • Location
    • POIs:100
    • Routes
    • Speed
    • Courses
    • Distance
    • Find back function
    • Extensive GPS functions (SiRFIV v2.2)
    • Adjustable/ GPS detection frequency (1 s, 60 s)
    • Positions in different coordination systems
    • Waypoint and route navigation
    • Find Back & Track Back function
    • Recording, displaying, and sharing of tour route/route planning with
    • Creates Points of Interest (POI)
  • Suunto AMBIT 3 PEAK - heart rate functions:
    • Transmission of the heart rate
    • NEW: Recording of the heart rate when swimming (via Suunto Smart Sensor)
    • Average heart rate in real time
    • Calories in real time
    • EPOC and VO2 max in
    • Heart rate data in real time
    • Heart rate limits
    • Heart rate zones
    • Recording intervals: beat per beat
  • Suunto AMBIT 3 PEAK - connectivity:
    • NEW: Log Transfer & watch adjustment: wireless (via Bluetooth Smart) or via USB cable
    • Via PC connection (PC & MAC) in Send and analyse training data / Display and visualisation of courses and height profiles
    • NEW: Compatible with the mobile Suunto Movescount App (iOS: iPhone starting from 4S onwards, iPad mini, iPad from 3rd generation onwards and iPod Touch starting from 5th generation onwards)
    • NEW: Calls, SMS, push up messages on the watch
    • NEW: iPhone as second display of the watch (with Movescount App)
    • NEW: Create and share Suunto films (with Movescount App)
  • Suunto AMBIT 3 PEAK - altimeter functions:
    • Barometric altimetry
    • Via GPS corrected barometric altimetry (FusedAltiTM)
    • Nominal range of the altimeter -500 m to 9000 m / -1600 ft to 29500 ft
    • Automatic Alti/Baro change
    • Cumulative altimeter information in real time
    • Recording intervals 1 s, 10 s
    • Resolution: 1 m / 3 ft
    • Temperature balance
    • Total ascent/descent
    • Vertical speed
    • Altimeter graph
  • Suunto AMBIT 3 PEAK - compass functions:
    • Digital 3D compass
    • Tilt compensation
    • Bearings in cardinal points
    • Magnetic declination correction
    • Calibration instructions
    • Bearing in degrees
    • North-South indicator
    • Compass resolution: 1°
    • Compass accuracy: 5°
  • Suunto AMBIT 3 PEAK - watch functions:
    • 12/24h
    • Alarm with snooze function
    • Calender watch
    • Daily alarm: 1
    • Two time zone display
    • GPS timekeeping
  • Suunto AMBIT 3 PEAK - weather functions:
    • Barometer indication range: 950-1060 hPa / 28.34-31.30 inHg
    • Barometer resolution: 1 hPa / 0,03 inHg
    • Air pressure at sea level
    • Air pressure at sea level diagram
    • Weather trend indicator
    • Temperature in 1°C/1°F
    • Temperature
    • Automatic hight measurement / barometric profile
    • Sunrise / sunset
    • Weather warning
    • Tidal information (with the Suunto App)
    • Max. weather recording: last 26 hours
  • Suunto AMBIT 3 PEAK - multisport functions:
    • Change sports modus during the workout
    • Pre-configured multisport modes
    • Multisport training summary and analysis
  • Suunto AMBIT 3 PEAK - running functions:
    • Running speed
    • Suunto Fusedspeed
    • Average speed in real time
    • Running rhythm (via watch or foot pod)
    • Lap comparison in kilometres/miles
    • Many other functions / notifications via Suunto apps (e.g. running efficiency, ghost runner, marathon finishing time estimation)
  • Suunto AMBIT 3 PEAK - cycling functions:
    • Speed
    • Average speed in real time
    • Hill climb in real time
    • Support a number of bike pods
    • Functions / notifications with the power sensor: Watt (real time, average and maximum), bike lap, maximum lap performance, performance distribution and diagrams), and much more
    • Many more functions / notifications via Suunto apps
  • Suunto AMBIT 3 PEAK - swimming functions:
    • Speed and distance data for indoor and outdoor swimming
    • NEW: Recording of the heart rate during swimming (via Suunto Smart Sensor)
    • Duration swimming measured in lanes, laps and total
    • Swimming frequency, counter and type
    • Swimming efficiency (SWOLF)
    • Detection of swimming styles incl. personal swimming training
    • Automatic intervals
    • Dynamic round table incl. swimming strokes, speed and duration
  • Suunto AMBIT 3 PEAK - further functions:
    • NEW: Integrated activity tracker for monitoring everyday activity
    • NEW: Recommended recovery time after the workout (taking into consideration the activity tracker information)
  • Chest strap for heart rate measuring is optionally available as accessory
  • Scope of delivery: Suunto Ambit 3, Ambit power cable, and quick guide

The Suunto AMBIT 3 PEAK is the outdoor GPSwatch for sports activities and adventures. Compared to the Suunto Ambit 2, it featuresadvanced and multisport functions.

The Suunto AMBIT 3 PEAK is the improved follow-up model of the Ambit 2. Visually, the Suunto AMBIT 3 PEAK is hard to distinguish from its predecessor. The same holds true for the handling in regards to the many intuitive functions.
What is new, on the other hand, is the fact that measuring the heart rate with the Suunto AMBIT 3 PEAK is also possible when swimming. Therefore, the Suunto AMBIT 3 PEAK is one of the first sports watches to allow for this. It is made possible by the new Suunto Smart Sensor chest strap with a memory storage function. Swimming information like the heart rate, for example, are stored on it until the person exercising gets out of the water. It is just then that the data are transmitted via Bluetooth Smart (instead of formerly ANT+) from chest strap to watch.

Thanks to the Bluetooth Smart technology and the Suunto Movescount-App, the Suunto AMBIT 3 PEAK can also communicate with Smartphones now (iOS: iPhone from 4S, iPad mini, iPad ab 3rd generation, and iPod Touch from 5th generation; Android: in planning according to manufacturer). Latest performances in running, cycling or other sporty activities are easily recorded and shared with others. Furthermore, incoming calls, SMS, and push messages are immediately displayed on the Suunto Ambit 3. The training does not need to be interrupted, when you want to see who is calling.

Extended equipment features of the PEAK version compared to the Suunto Ambit 3 SPORT

The Suunto Ambit 3 in PEAK version comes with extended outdoor functions in contrast to the SPORT version. The Suunto AMBIT 3 PEAK provides barometer data, is equipped with an altimeter with FusedAltiTM, storm warning, times of sunrise and sunset, and has a battery life of up to 50 hours when used with GPS (Ambit 3 SPORT: 25 hours).

The Suunto Ambit 3 PEAK is available without or with chest strap (HR version).

The guarantee is valid in terms of the general statutory provisions for the end user.

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