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Which pulse watch is the best for me ? - Test of pulse watches


The new pulse watch models can do a lot. They serve as mobile biofeedback devices: they calculate heart rate, calory consumption, pace, and inform about the current training zone. Furthermore, they navigate, save covered distances, and show us the way to get home. 

Do you wish to collect information most possible to compile a detailed analysis? Is this information required at all, when you only wish to do a heart-rate-controlled training? 

In order to find out which pulse watch meets your requirements best, you should be aware of what you need for your training and which values are of interest for you. We would like to present some models which might support your decision.


Selected pulse watch models in comparison:

Polar FT1
The Polar FT1 is a starter model, which accompanies your first steps of a heart-rate controlled training. The coded transmission of heart rate from chest strap to watch avoids interferences with other heart rate measuring instruments.
The pulse watch is equiped with a big, clear, easy-to-read, and easy-to-use display

Current, average, and maximum heart rates are detected. The FT1 gives the user a short training summary after each session. 

The training is easy to control via the individually adjustable heart rate target zones. Once you are outside such a zone, you can be warned by acoustic signals. 

In addition to the heart rate values, the watch informs about time, date, and weekday. 
The Polar FT1 is easy to use and easy to read even when it's dark thanks to the display lighting.
Suunto M2
The Suunto M2 is also a starter model. All functions are easily and intuitively called by a 3-buttons-user surface.

It is a good accessory for observing heart rate and calory consumption (display in real time). Thanks to training observation, you can always be sure that you are in the most efficient training zone.

The most important data are indicated on the big and clear display. The user is not flooded with too many training information.

The M2 provides a comfortable chest strap which is easy to strap on. It is ideal for fitness sportsmen, who want to improve their fitness or to control their weight. The Suunto calculates the entry of personal data of the BMI and is equiped with a stop watch for measuring your training time.

The watch saves the results of the last training session and the sessions of the last 4 weeks in the course-menu.

The battery can be exchanged by the user.
Polar FT60M
The Polar FT60M provides many functions. Besides the common Polar functions

- OwnZone: determines the personal heart rate training zone depending on daily fitness
- OwnIndex: in rest, it determines the personal fitness level
- OwnCode: offers an interference-free, coded transmission of heart rate
- ZonePointer: visualizes the current training heart rate and target zone
- Displays heart rate (in beats/min or as percentage of maximum heart rate)
- Transmission of training data in an online training journal

...the FT60M also offers a weight management journal.

The watch offers an individual training in addition with the integrated STAR training program. The training targets are permanently updated and the program adapts to personal training habits. Each training session as well as the weekly training workload are analysed on the basis of intensity and calory consumption. The training program creates recommendations on this basis - for optimal duration and intensity of your training.

Once you have decided for a heart rate zone, you can be warned by a visual and acoustic signal when you leave the target zone.

The watch is equiped with an easy-to-read, lit-up display and a keylock. A warning display informs when the battery is low. The battery can be exchanged by the user if required.

A GPS sensor is optionally available for the FT60. It detects distance and speed.
Polar RC3 GPS
The Polar RC3 GPS is the ideal pulse watch for cyclists and runners. The watch of Polar is equiped with an integrated GPS. Precise training data like speed, distance, altitude, tour, and heart rate are detected and provided in a clear analysis afterwards.

The watch is designed for all sportsmen, who want to improve fitness and performance. The most important functions of the Polar RC3 GPS in an overview:

- Integrated GPS receiver for tour, speed, and distance
- heart rate display: average, current, maximum per interval or for the whole training
- Polar sport zones for the optimal heart rate according to training target
- Running Index indicates the development of your running performance
- Calory consumption

Adapt perfectly your training to your progress with the "Smart Coaching"  functions. The pulse watch has an integrated fitness test, determining your performance level and recommending the optimal heart rate zone according to training target. In addition, the watch warns you once the chosen heart rate zone is left. The Polar GPS sport watch is like a personal coach on the wrist.

Just after the training, the watch gives a training summary informing about the training use of the training. The synchronization with the online platform provides differentiated analyses. Track your training progress here.

An even more precise analysis and control of your training is possible with separately available performance sensors (for running or cycling). Besides heart rate and GPS data, cadence can be indicated as well.

The common watch functions like date, stop watch, reminder function, alarm and snooze function, warning when battery is low are standard functions of the RC3 GPS.
Suunto Ambit GPS sport watch
The Suunto Ambit (HR) GPS sport watch is equiped with all technical refinements and is optimal for outdoor sportsmen. Thanks to heart rate measuring, the precious sport watch is also fine for stamina sportsmen.

The outdoor watch convinces by a long durability and a very stable construction: the casing is reinforced with glass fibres, the display is covered with mineral glass. The Suunto Ambit is water resistant up to 100 m and due to the high-quality battery, the sport watch has a very long battery lifespan.
In addition, the watch offers an altimeter and a 3D compass, besides a GPS receiver.
Plan and analyse your tours via - up to 100 waypoints can be set for the planned tour.

The Suunto comes with an integrated heart rate monitor, which displays and saves the data transmitted from the chest strap. You can set heart rate zones and inform directly about your training data on the watch: heart rate, burnt calories, speed, and distance are indicated.

Besides the functions mentioned, the Suunto Ambit also provides information about temperature, air pressure and weather trends, recommended recovery time as well as all functions, which are expected from a high-quality watch.

The innovative display makes easy switching from light to dark (positive and negative display) possible - for an optimal visibility

Besides several functions, these pulse watches offer, the design is important as well.

Either big, small, flat, thin, sporty, precious, clunky or sturdy, it's on you to decide. Reflect upon what you expect from your pulse watch and what you will expect from it in a few months. Purchase rather some more functions than having to find out that you would like to know further training values after a short time.

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