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Sport-Tiedje puts each fitness equipment through its paces. Then our team of sports scientists, serious athletes, and service technicians of many years of experience evaluate the products of different categories. Compare easily the products using the Sport-Tiedje expert review and find your appropriate equipment.
The equipment of a weight bench consists of the construction (i.e., flat bench, incline bench), the quality of upholstery as well as extras like biceps curlpult, transport wheels or lifting handles .
Furthermore, some weight benches are equiped with extended training units like integrated or free weight racks incl. dumbbell/barbell sets. The training comfort of well-equiped weight benches is very high.
This criterion considers the options of adaption of single units to the exercising person. The quality of adjusting mechanisms is also taken into consideration for evaluating. The adjustability contributes to a higher variability while exercising. Correct joint angles optimize the course of motion and prevent false postures.
A great variety of exercises is achieved by the number of exercising possibilities for different parts of the body. Adjustable weight benches with extended training units achieve optimum values.
A sturdy construction with high frame thickness provide stability for the weight bench. In addition, own weight, set-up area, and general workmanship are considered. A sturdy weight bench is not just durable - it is also stable for intensive use and has a higher weight loadability.
Items per page:

Weight bench - Customer ratings

  • Taurus weight bench B900

    Jacob Ørum 2.12.2020 - Taurus weight bench B900

    Very pleased with my purchase. Bought the bench a year and a half ago. It is solidly constructed and lasts well. I do heavy weight training many times a week and there are still no signs of wear or failure.

  • Hoist weight bench HF5165

    Roland 7.5.2020 - Hoist weight bench HF5165

    One of the best bench I have ever used! We are very happy with our purchase! The bench and also the leg attachment are very solid and high quality. Highly recommended!

  • Darwin Weight Bench FB50

    Leonard Lopez 19.8.2019 - Darwin Weight Bench FB50

    Disappointed on the stability and also one screw was to big to be inserted fully, thus the overall thing moves a lot. But ok product overall.

  • Taurus F.I.D. commercial weight bench B990

    Raffaele Garofalo 16.9.2018 - Taurus F.I.D. commercial weight bench B990

    Item is very solid, you can do bench press even with 100 kg and no problems at all. Very large and very solid, I am very happy with it. Only one thing negative, they provide all tools for assembly the bench but it takes at least 1 hour, it is not so easy to assemble and requires some proper strength in order to thigh all bolts and nuts but overall a bench solid like the one at the gym.

  • Taurus weight bench B900

    Thomas Grantman 11.8.2018 - Taurus weight bench B900

    This bench is exactly what I needed. The salesmen Mr. Michael Gallus was exceptional. I highly recommend Sport Tiedje Wiesbaden store for all your fitness needs. The bench itself was easy to assemble and very well made. The features make it easy to change the incline both on the seat and back. It is very solid and does not wobble whatsoever. It also has wheels and can be easily moved around if necessary. The width and firmness of the bench also allows a variety of non-dumble exercises to be conducted. I highly recommend this bench and Sports Tiedje Wiesbaden. I have to mention the buying process even though it says not to. I am an American living in Wiesbaden and brought in my VAT form and it was processed without any issues right on the spot.

  • Ironmaster Super Bench

    Anonym 7.4.2018 - Ironmaster Super Bench

    Very nice bench. But for home fitness the weight of the bench is too much. However worth it.

  • Bodymax CF430 H/Duty FID Bench

    MR E. 22.6.2017 - Bodymax CF430 H/Duty FID Bench

    Great Bench for Garage Gym. Easy to assemble, very solid build and easy to clean. Great affordable flat, incline and decline bench.

  • Bodymax CF430 H/Duty FID Bench

    Alex B. 1.6.2017 - Bodymax CF430 H/Duty FID Bench

    Great equipment. I brought the Bodymay CF430 Heavy Duty Bench to expand the range of my home workouts, the bench is great and exactly what I was looking for from a bench to help versatility and range of my workouts, I highly recommend it for price, stability, strength and versatility for home use workouts.

  • Bodymax CF430 H/Duty FID Bench

    Rory H. 22.5.2017 - Bodymax CF430 H/Duty FID Bench

    Excellent Solid Bench. Easy to assemble, well built bench. Castors on the base make it easy to move around, and the incline settings are spot on.

  • Darwin Weight Bench FB50

    Jonas 21.4.2017 - Darwin Weight Bench FB50

    Sehr gutes Preis Leistungsverhältnis. Sieht schick aus, vernünftig verarbeitet, das Polster ist bequem und bietet genügend AUflage. Wirklich praktisch ist die Möglichkeit des einfachen zusammen klappens und dann mit dem Griff super einfach zu tragen und zu verstauen. Klasse Produkt für

You want to buy a weight bench? Sport-Tiedje is happy to give you advice!

The training with a weight bench becomes more and more popular in Germany. This kind of training is ideal for beginners, persons with physical restrictions or performance-oriented sportsmen for muscle building, for rehabilitation after injuries or for weight reduction. The free weight training is a popular workout in order to improve the coordinative abilities. It provides the advantage that the so called supporting muscles and muscle fibres are trained as well as the isolated muscle groups. Doing equipment training, you often only reach the isolated muscles. Those, i. e., who train the shoulder muscles with dumbbell shoulder press, will also train a bigger number of surrounding muscle groups, which allow the body to stabilise the weight in the air. If you are already looking for an appropriate weight bench, you will notice soon that there is a large selection of different weight benches in different price classes. Choosing the appropriate weight bench among this selection of different weight benches is extremely difficult. In order to find your ideal weight bench, we give you an overview, which features of a weight bench are of enormous importance so you can start your training with fun and motivation.

Pay attention to the exercising possibilities!

Hantelbank mit Ablage
Weight bench with rack
Beforehand, you should think about which exercises you want to do with your weight bench. Do you mainly want to do bench press with the barbell bar, it is recommended to consider a weight bench, which is equipped with a direct rack for your barbell bar. If you prefer to train with dumbbells throughout your training, you can go without a weight rack. The easiest version is the so called flat bench. It refers to equipment, which are only adjustable and adaptable to a limited extent, in general, and which go without additional functions. Hence flat benches are mainly suitable for simple exercises.
Multifunktionale Hantelbank
Multi-functional weight bench
A weight bench should provide a multitude of adjusting possibilities for a multi-functional and varied training - in order to adjust a positive (folded up) or negative (folded down) incline besides the classic flat bench. That's the only way offering a multi-functional training. In order to adjust those different inclines, we recommend the high-quality locking system. In contrast to a plug system, it offers a higher adjusting comfort as well as stability. Of course, you do have the possibility to choose attachment moduls and hence extent your training diversity. Besides the classic curlpult, there are of course the leg curl and extension as well.

Weight bench purchase advice: The quality is decisive!

Hantelbank Polster
Weight bench upholstery
The quality of the weight bench is an important feature, which you should also consider making a decision. Purchasing a weight bench, pay attention to the quality of the material used as well as to the quality of workmanship. High-quality equipment is equipped with a stable frame made of steel, which is neatly welded. So take a look at the weld seams when you purchase at the store! The upholsteries should be made of durable synthetic leather and be thickly padded. The mounting of the upholstery on the frame of the training bench should be as sturdy as possible. Occuring loads, which mainly affect laterally to the single edges of the weight bench, need to be absorbed.

The weight bench user weight - how high should it be?

It's mainly for advanced and experienced strength sportsmen, who should choose a weight bench which is as sturdy as possible. However, the maximum weight should also be chosen for beginners, so that enough space is given for a training progress and an increase in strength. The indication of the loadability of training benches differs in the maximum loadability (weight of the user plus used weights) and the maximum user weight (weight of the user).

Weight bench manufacturers in an overview: The most important brands.

The advantages of a Kettler weight bench.

Kettler Logo
Kettler weight benches are very popular due to their versatility, the good quality, and their functionality. A Kettler weight bench is ideal either for barbell training as well as for the training with dumbbells. Some training benches of the popular manufacturer are equipped with wide-range training possibilities. Being equipped with a device for bench press, lat pull, butterfly, and leg curl, these weight benches offer you the whole range of exercises and present complete home gyms. These weight benches offer a good quality and an enormous training diversity for starting weight training as well as for experienced sportsmen. The precious design upgrades your fitness room and makes the training an experience.

Highest quality: A Hoist weight bench.

Hoist Logo
When it comes to high-quality training equipment, a product of Hoist is the first choice. The machines convince fitness gyms and hotel facilities by their quality without compromise - Hoist also offers excellent weight benches of highest quality for the ambitious leisure sportsman. The products are carefully made of best materials. The frame is made of heavy steel, whcih is neatly welded. Hence, the bench is of a phenomenal stability and sturdiness, which makes it suitable for the use of highest weights!
Hoist Flat Bench
Hoist Flat Bench
The upholsteries of a Hoist weight bench are made of a special synthetic leather and are very hard-wearing. They guarantee a maximum durability and comfort throughout the strength training exercises. Multi-functional benches of Hoist are equipped with the most durable and safest system for adjustments of the weight bench. And: The system is user-friendly and can be quickly adjusted between the training sessions. When you attach importance to a maximum loadability, a fixed flat bench of Hoist is our recommendation: The legendary Hoist Flat Bench can take loads of unbelievably 450 kg. This enormous stability is achieved by going without adjusting possibilities. These power packs even resist every load throughout intensive use at a gym. Do you want to include really heavy weights in your training plan? Then we recommend Hoist!

Finnlo weight bench - practical and stable.

Finnlo Logo
A weight bench of Finnlo is suitable for the training with free weights like dumbbells and barbells. Using a barbell module, Finnlo training benches can be extended, so that exercises of barbell training, as i. e. the bench press, can be done more comfortably and more effectively. Thanks to a high maximum user weight, Finnlo weight benches are sturdy and can be well used for the weight training with heavier training weights. Easy adjusting mechanisms facilitate the adjustment of the Finnlo weight bench and make it possible that common strength training exercises can be done. The construction of the Finnlo machines is practical and allows you good training possibilities.

A Taurus weight bench for maximum performance.

Taurus Logo
A Taurus weight bench offers the sportsman what is important for doing strength sports: performance. Taurus weight benches meet this requirement by integrating constantly innovations and optimisations in design and function. A high quality and user-friendliness at an excellent price-performance ratio are the successful result. Either for the private fitness room or the professional use at a gym - A Taurus weight bench fulfills the promise of long durability even for permanent use of high weights. A Taurus multi-functional bench is perfect for versatile exercises. Being used as an incline bench, i. e., you can especially train the upper chest muscles doing bench press. Vice versa, being used as a negative bench, the lower chest muscles are well demanded doing bench press. Even being used as durable flat bench, we offer you weight benches of the brand Taurus. A fixed flat bench is ideal for very ambitious sportsmen, whose requirements in strength sport demand a high performance of a weight bench. You can get some Taurus weight benches in extremely advantageous sets. Save your money by purchasing your weight bench with weights.

The Sport-Tiedje test rating: That's how we check and evaluate a weight bench.

Our team of sports scientists, performance sportsmen, and service technicians with an experience of many years checks the products according to different categories. Using the Sport-Tiedje test rating, you can easily compare the products and hence find the appropriate machine for your training. For checking a weight bench, we use the folling criteria:
  1. Equipment: The equipment of a weight bench includes the design (i. e., flat bench, incline bench), the quality of the upholstery as well as extras like biceps curlpult, transport wheels or levers. Furthermore, some machines are equipped with extended training modules like integrated or free weight racks incl. a dumbbell and a barbell bar in a set. The training comfort of well equipped weight benches is very high.
  2. Stability: A sturdy construction with high frame thickness gives the weight bench stability. In addition, the own weight, the floor space, and the general workmanship are considered. A stable weight bench is not just durable - it stands also safely during an intensive use and offers a higher loadability for the use of high weights.
  3. Training diversity: A big training diversity is achieved by the number of exercising possibilities of different body parts. Adjustable machines with extended training modules achieve the best results.
  4. Adjustability: This criterion considers the adapting options of single modules to the user. The quality of the adjusting mechanisms is also considered throughout the evaluation. The adjustability contributes to a higher variability of the training. Correct joint angles optimise the course of motion additionally and prevent malpositions.
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