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Curl bars - special equipment for more power

Which use does purchasing a curl bar have ? - The answer is quite simple: a specialized strength training. The curl bar, also called SZ bar, offers you ergonomic advantages for certain strength training exercises. The curl bar relieves your wrists by its curved shape for doing biceps curls, so that these are not fixed in straight position like for a normal barbell bar. Fixing wrists for doing biceps curls in straight position, does not correspond to a natural posture and is perceived as uncomfortable by many sportsmen. An SZ bar produces relief. An SZ bar is much better than a straight barbell bar for triceps press in lying position, also known as nosebreakers. Thanks to these ergonomic advantages, your training gets more joint-gentle and more effective. A curl bar is a great asset for your training for doing upright rowing or rowing in standing position with the barbell, because it can be lifted much higher than a barbell due to the curving of the barbell. Grip positions of the curl bar are upturned extending the way of lifting. Strength training is intensified by a longer way of lifting. There are several other ergonomic advantages for purchasing a SZ bar. When you buy a SZ bar, you can benefit from our great selection: Our range of products includes curl bars of different shapes and thicknesses. Though the length of bars is always 120 cm. A curved curl bar, also called super SZ bar, is stronger shaped than a normal curl bar and is more suitable for narrow biceps curls, i.e.. Of course, curl bars are available with diameter of 30 mm or 50mm. 50mm curl bars have a higher maximum load capacity and higher own weight. We recommend a curl bar with screw cap for strength training with heavy weights, when you want to switch the weights often between the exercises, we recommend a bar with adjusting ring or clip collars.
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