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Hoist is the epitome of effective strength training on home fitness equipment at a professional level. The Californian fitness pioneer is constantly revolutionising the fitness world with new ideas. The key to maximum training success is strength training equipment that enables natural motion sequences during workouts on the equipment – that maxim has been determining the developments of the fitness specialist Hoist for almost 40 years now. The high-quality fitness equipment by Hoist combines high durability and technical innovation with aesthetic design and a maximum of stability and functionality, or: Hoist takes your strength training to a new dimension – training success guaranteed!
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Work out like professionals with Hoist fitness equipment

Strength training will make you fitter and more able to cope with the minor and major challenges of everyday life. That is why Hoist offers a variety of fitness equipment for all workout goals, from power stations to weight benches and barbell stations to ab and back trainers. The strength training equipment allows for countless strength workouts, catering to beginners to strength training and professionals alike. A Hoist fitness device gives you the maximum in strength and movement for all-around effective strength training. The special feature: during strength training with Hoist, the joints are only minimally stressed.

Hoist professional-level home fitness equipment can rival the quality of studio equipment without question. The fitness equipment for upscale private use meets the highest training demands and offers unparalleled stability for intensive use.

Among Hoist power stations, the V4 Elite have made a name for themselves for effective upper body and leg workouts at home. They offer a wide range of functions/huge exercise selection for total-body workouts on just one device. Discover the whole variety of Hoist at Sport-Tiedje's online shop and experience a unique workout experience!

About Hoist: outstanding fitness equipment since 1977

The success story of Hoist fitness equipment began in 1977 when two fitness studio owners from California came up with the idea of designing their own premium-quality studio equipment. From then on, Hoist attracted attention with numerous innovative products. With its fitness equipment, Hoist continues to set new standards in fitness equipment on a regular basis. At the Hoist headquarters in San Diego, entrepreneurs are constantly forging new products that will continue to combine high durability and technical innovation.

Today, Hoist fitness equipment is available all over the world. In addition to fitness studios and training camps, hotels, universities, companies, hospitals, and fire and police stations also rely on the quality products of the Californian fitness specialist. In short: Hoist can be found wherever innovative design and pronounced quality are appreciated.
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