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Lebert Fitness Bodyweight training

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Do an effective and varied bodyweight training with the Lebert Equalizer and Buddy system. The training, which is exclusively done with your own bodyweight, has become very popular since many years. Do a multitude of exercises with the equalizers, by which the supporting muscles are especially trained. Read more down
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Item number: LEB-EQ
189 Customer ratings
∅ 4.75 of 5 Stars
2 Stars
1 Star
Lebert Equalizer purchase online now
Whole body workout does not need complicated fitness equipment - the Lebert Equalizer is the proof! The Lebert Equalizer is space-saving with its two metal frames and allows many exercises. Dips, leg lifts, etc. can be done with the Lebert Equalizer. The high spot: your body weight serves as resistance, you determine the intensity of the workout by changing leg position, i.e.. The delivery includes two Lebert Equalizerframes, a poster with exercises, and a workout DVD.
  • Lebert Equalizer for whole body workouts
  • Dips, push-ups, leg lifts, lateral lifting - almost unlimited exercising possibilities with the Lebert Equalizer !
  • Great workout concept - You determine the intensity of your workout
  • Space-saving fitness equipment
  • Lebert Equalizer set including:
    • 2 Lebert Equalizer frames
    • workout poster
    • workout DVD (language: English)
  • Lebert Equalizer for whole-body workouts
  • Dips, push-ups, leg lifts, lateral lifting - almost unlimited exercising possibilities with the Lebert Equalizer!
  • Great training concept - you determine the intensity of your workout
  • Space-efficient fitness equipment
  • Lebert Equalizer set including:
    • 2 Lebert Equalizer frames
    • Workout Poster
    • Workout DVD (language: English)
  • Colours available: Yellow, Lime, blue
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Item number: LEB-EQ-XL
22 Customer ratings
∅ 4.73 of 5 Stars
2 Stars
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Effective whole body training does not need any complicated fitness equipment — it is proved by the Lebert Equalizer XL ! The Lebert Equalizer XL is made of two bars, offering a lot of body-weight exercises and being quickly stored after the training.
  • Advantages compared to the Lebert Equalizer: 7.62 cm higher, especially suitable for taller users
  • Lebert Equalizier XL for a varied whole body workout
  • Dips, push-ups, chin-ups, leg lifts, side lifting — almost unlimited exercising possibilities
  • You determine the intensity of your training
  • Very sturdy for light own weight of the Lebert Equalizer XL
  • Lebert Equalizer-set consists of:
    • 2 Lebert Equalizer-frames XL
    • Online workout programme (in English)
    • Miniband included as a free bonus
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Item number: LEB-EQ-MED-XXL
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Lebert Fitness Bodyweight training - Customer ratings

  • Lebert Equalizer XL

    Anonym 4.5.2017 - Lebert Equalizer XL

    Solid and well made, but the locating holes for the legs didn't always line up as easily as they should. I found doing australian pull ups took some getting used to, as without anchoring your feet your body can move in towards the equalizer when performing the movement. This is more a question of technique though. Really good for dips, L raises, and other abdominal exercises, and the portability and ease of storage are big pluses.

  • Lebert Equalizer

    Anonym 15.1.2017 - Lebert Equalizer

    Very good fitness product. Many exercises with video and CD support that shows how you can do it. It's a complete fitness product. With just this fitness equipment you can work any part of your body. It's a whole body workout equipement. Great!!!

  • Lebert Equalizer

    Jacky 13.3.2015 - Lebert Equalizer

    Great stuff!! Absolutely appropriate for beginners, right up to the bodybuilder. I think there is no limit to how hard you want to work out on the Equalizer. Building up muscle, including cardio training e.g. running. Fit as heck is what you gonna get :) Finely got it for myself and I am grinning here.....ENJOY!!

  • Lebert Equalizer

    Anonym 12.3.2015 - Lebert Equalizer

    At the beginning I was a little skeptical about it because of the price. Two steel pipes could probably do the same thing. But after opening the packet I realized that the lebert equalizer are pretty robust and very well made. I am 1.8 meters tall and I can do dips without hitting the floor. They are pretty stable and the lime color, really pretty :) It is a really good and useful piece of equipment that can be used outdoor or indoor. They are light and easily moved and most important they can be used by different persons with different levels of fitness. You don’t need to be a Frank Medrano to enjoy these bars :P

  • Lebert Equalizer

    Anonym 8.3.2015 - Lebert Equalizer

    Love the bars! Easy to assemble and very sturdy. I highly recommend it to anyone that's looking for a useful piece that will not take so much space.

  • Lebert Equalizer

    Anonym 21.2.2015 - Lebert Equalizer


  • Lebert Equalizer

    Monica 6.11.2014 - Lebert Equalizer

    The product is solid, appealing and very functional, much varieties of exercise routines can be done. Easy to assemble and disassemble.

  • Lebert Equalizer

    Donato 20.10.2014 - Lebert Equalizer

    Very good product, solid and well disegned. Good price.

  • Lebert Equalizer

    Moscha 12.7.2014 - Lebert Equalizer

    Very good for home fitness!!!!!!!

  • Lebert Equalizer

    Moschoula 25.6.2014 - Lebert Equalizer

    Finally I found it in yours stock!!!! I love my new fitness toy!!! thanks!!!!!!!!

Whole body training of high level: the Lebert Equalizer

The Lebert Equalizer gives you the possibility to do whole body workouts with just one training device. The training weight is your own bodyweight while exercising with the Lebert Equalizer.

Unlimited use: get successfull with the Lebert Equalizer

Training possibilities with the Lebert Equalizer are extremely varied: chin-ups, push-ups, leg lifting - get almost unlimited possibilities with this training device to create your functional training.

Additional weights for advanced users - increase the difficulty with your Lebert Equalizer

Ambitious athletes can increase their own bodyweight by weighted vests and wrist and ankle weights. This increases automatically the load for exercising with the Lebert Equalizer.

Get the Lebert Equalizer in different colours at Sport-Tiedje

Either classic yellow, lime green or pink - we offer the Lebert Equalizer in different colours so you can adapt it to your furnishing and your personal taste.
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